Pet Waste Clean Up

Pet Waste Clean Up

At Pets R Family Too, we offer a professional pet waste cleaning service that is perfect for home and business owners. Whether you don’t have time to clean the yard every time your pet uses it, or you want to make sure that your community is clean, we can help.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best experience and convenience possible through all the services we provide. And nothing is more enjoyable than having a yard clean and ready to enjoy at all times, without having to spend unenjoyably time cleaning it. After all, you could be spending that time with your family and pets.

The Benefits of Pet Waste Clean Up

Although it might seem reasonable to let pet waste decompose in a yard that is not used by children and family members, it is never a good idea. Dog feces can contain parasite eggs that can live in soil for many years. Not to mention that it can also hold roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and other nasty bacteria.

Cleaning pet waste regularly, and before it rains, is extremely important for pet owners and their health. But it’s also important for their property and grass, which could become faded due to feces. Furthermore, dog feces can wash into waterways and contaminant up to 20 miles of streams. In the same way it doesn’t make sense to pour oil and paint into sewers, it doesn’t make sense to let dog feces wash into the soil and sewers either.

But Isn’t Feces Fertilizer?

Dog and cat feces are not fertile like cow manure is. Since dogs eat diets that are high in protein, their feces end up having an acidic nature. Such a high acid level is not good for lawns, or for creating fertilizer, and neither are the parasites that dog feces carry.

Also, cows eat a lot of green vegetation, which is perfect for creating manure. Dogs on the other hand eat processed beef, chicken, and pork. In addition to dog feces not being effective fertilizer, just a gram contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. It can also carry giardia and salmonella, which are not the sort of things you ever want to come into contact with.

Dog feces is so destructive to the environment that cities are considering to make it mandatory to pick it up, even on private property. The idea behind this is based on how rain can carry feces bacteria much farther than anticipated.