How To Prepare For Your Pet Sitter In Henderson NV And Las Vegas

To make your experience, and your pet’s experience, as great as possible with your pet sitter we have outlined some tips below.

  • Provide your pet sitter with all necessary emergency contact numbers and local vet clinics. At Pets R Family Too, we have our own lists of clinics in Las Vegas and surrounding areas but we always want to know your preferred practices.
  • Have enough food, treats, kitty litter, and other materials on hand for your pet sitter. They will ask where these things are before you begin your travels or work.
  • Also let your sitter know where leashes, pet carriers, toys and other necessary things are stored
  • Demonstrate to your pet sitter the proper medication administration for your pet, and make sure that you leave the medication necessary
  • Make sure that your dog has a tag if they will be going outdoors or if they are walked outside
  • Let your pet sitter know if there are any rooms or couches that your pet should not have access to
  • Designate a bed for your pet sitter if they are staying overnight (they will change out the linens with their own).
  • Provide your number, as well as the numbers of friends, neighbors, landlords, and family in case you cannot be reached. If a pipe bursts or a weather emergency occurs, your sitter will be able to notify the proper person immediately.
  • Extend medical care to your pet sitter through your vet if possible

Aside from these tips that insure your pet will have the best experience while you are away, there are other things that you can have arranged while you are away. If you want newspapers to be brought in, fish to be fed, and lights to be rotated around in the home to give it a lived-in-look, we can definitely do that.

If your trip will be a long one, it is also a good idea to clean out your refrigerator and remove foods that can spoil. Cleaning dishes in sinks is also a good idea to minimize smells as well as pests that can build up during your traveling.

Also, make note of the regular temperature in your home and let your pet sitter know this temperature. This insures that your pet will be cared for within the same environment that they are used to.

When it comes to making a reservation for pet sitting, it’s best to make it as far out in advance as possible. If you are coming home later than expected, or earlier, let your pet sitter know as well. This will make it easier for them to plan extending their visits, or planning other things they will do once you arrive.

It is also a good idea to leave more supplies than necessary in the event that your trip is extended!