Home Security

Pet sitters can provide an added level of security while you are working or traveling. In addition to the pet care services that we provide at Pets R Family Too, we also look out for your home.

As part of our visits we will walk around your property, as well as in accessible areas, and look for anything out of the ordinary. This ensures that your home’s safety is maintained, as well as its integrity in the event of a water leak, pet accident, or appliance problems.

Pet parents have been so happy with our home sitting that they have recommended us to their friends for that service specifically. Since then we have begun to offer home sitting services for homeowners, while it remains free of charge with our pet sitting services.

To ensure the safety of your pets and home, we conduct extensive background searches on all pet-sitting applicants. After we verify that they have a flawless track record, when it comes to being trustworthy and reliable, we also train them in-house. At Pets R Family Too, everything we do is dedicated to being perfect. This is evident in our hiring and training process, which is evident in our reliable work and reputation.

In fact, we are known as the pet sitting experts in Green Valley Ranch Henderson,NV and surrounding areas. We are proud to carry this title and will continue to improve every year, to maintain that title and to provide a continually better service.

Pet and House Sitting in Green Valley Ranch NV and Las Vegas

On top of making sure that pets and homes are taken care of throughout the day, our professional pet sitters can also take care of other errands around the home. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Feeding fish
  • Watering plants
  • Collecting mail
  • Taking out trash
  • Rotating lights

At Pets R Family Too, we are dedicated to giving you the peace of mind you deserve for your pets and home while you are away.

House Sitting Preparation

Aside from preparing for a pet sitting session, pet owners should also prepare any necessary information for their home. This includes things such as plumber numbers and steps for turning off water and gas flow in the home, to step-by-step instructions for tasks that need to be completed. The best way to handle a weather or home emergency is to have the proper preparation for it. For a pet or house sitter this means giving them the phone numbers of friends and family, as well as technicians that might need to be contacted during an emergency.

If your travels will be long then it’s also a good idea to clean out refrigerators and remove food that can spoil.