Dog Walking

Dog Walking in Henderson NV and Las Vegas

Walking a dog is one of the most important activities that a pet parent can engage in. Regular exercise always results in healthier dogs with better behavior, both mentally and physically. According to Cesar Milan, 99% of dog issues can be fixed through walking, setting rules and boundaries, and showing affection.

Virtually all other dog experts agree that daily exercise is the most important activity when it comes to maintaining and boosting the health of dogs.

How Exactly Does Proper Dog Walking Help A Dog?

Walking a dog with a leash and showing calm assertive energy can teach them that the walker is the “pack leader.” And through this walk and understanding of the pack leader, they can be taught other things with proper discipline and rewarding.

Dogs that are walked often will benefit from good health and getting their energy out during the day. Dogs that are walked properly will also be taught new tricks and their walk discipline will carry over into the home.

While dogs are not born knowing how to behave in a home or walk on a leash, they can learn many things through effective training. Commands like sit, stay, and heel are especially easy tricks to teach a dog on their walks if they are followed with rewards.

At Pets R Family Too, walking benefits the dogs we work with beyond the energy that they burn. They learn new things and eventually surprise their owners. Through our work we focus on the satisfaction of the pets and the pet parents we work with alike.

Dogs that are not walked often can begin to show undesired behavior as they become bored within a home. A dog that doesn’t get to leave the house will interact with their environment by chewing and pawing on things, as a way to do something exciting. It’s not that they are trying to destroy things. To them it might as well feel as if they have no choice, in the same way that they don’t really have a choice to go outside if they are not walked regularly.

Proper and regular walking can eliminate destructive behavior by providing dogs with the stimulus that they deserve. A walk has new places to see, new smells, and new sounds, all things that are exciting for a dog and which feeds their appetite for adventure. Dogs that interact with sights and smells will not only be happier, but so will the pet parents that don’t have to deal with things like shoe chewing and scratching sofas.

Dog Walking in Henderson NV and Las Vegas

At Pets R Family Too we are dedicated to providing pets and pet parents with the best experience possible. Every part of our pet walking service is designed to save pet parents as much time as possible, and to provide them with the peace of mind that they deserve. To learn more about our services or request a free quote, give us a call today.